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Spirit Airlines

Travelling Low Cost In States With Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

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If you are thinking that living in America is expensive, then you haven’t tried travelling. The ticket prices are huge for any travelling and in case of flights; it just gets an extra hike. Isn’t it a breath of fresh air to find a really cheap airline in America which can save both money and time?

Fortunately, there is Spirit Airlines. This is America’s one of the most low cost airlines service. It was first found as Clipper Trucking Company in 1964. Much later, in 1992, it was named as Spirit. Since then their flights have flourished in business and becoming one of the most popular domestic flight services of America.

Here’s what you can know about Spirit Airlines

Based in Florida, Spirit Airlines have their headquarters in Miramar. The flights have their destinations in many cities of USA, including Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago and Houston. Apart from these domestic flights, this airline flies to Mexico and Latin America as well and that too in a very low cost. The cost of the flights is the major advantage why this airline is slowly becoming one of the most popular in USA.

A total of 52 flights daily fly from the headquarters for the Spirit Airlines every day. The main types of flights they operate are Airbus A series. The flights are cheap and that is why they haven’t yet gone beyond the airbuses. But they are having a really good turnover every year. So who can say, they might be the leaders on the board in a very short span of time.

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